Best options for non-bank transfers when making international payments

The traditional method of bank transfers kaya behind, fail to keep up with the requirements of instant money transfers. Yet, many situations necessitate using banking channels because the payment must go to the recipient’s bank account. There is a way not to use the traditional SWIFT network when making international payments.


EFT transfers

You can also make local bank transfers that are called EFT transfers. These domestic bank transfer fees are much cheaper than that by international bank-to-bank transactions. With the right money services company, you can do send to local banks over 50 countries such as Canada, Australia, the USA, UK, and Asian nations like China and Malaysia.

Secure transactions

There are certain non-bank transfer options that you must choose because you need security. Most money transfer apps are secure, yet there are concerns when it comes to transacting with those. One of these is the limitations that even the top mass payouts services company has limits when it comes to accessing funds from various accounts. That leading payment company is also not linked to banks affiliated with the SWIFT network. Your limits are to withdrawal the funds to your linked bank or card account. For money transfers, both the sender and the recipient must also have that an account with that company. This leading online payment company cannot be used for payment transactions that require the funds to be sent into another person’s bank account or card.

Forms of money evolve

With the way money has evolved, we are no longer limited to banknotes. Even banknotes are different as there are state-backed currencies. There are so many ways to send money, and it doesn’t have to be funding bank accounts or cards, as it can be used to fund retailer websites.

Send gift certificates

The forms of money, such as banknotes that are digitized, can be sent as gift certificates. It is possible to load certain shopping websites and similar sites with funds. To do so, you can access the site and buy their gift certificates that are as good as cash and accepted by hundreds of merchants. These gift certificates may also be used for online payments at websites that allow this payment option. Gift certificates may also be that of the retailer website, but as a general rule, these cannot be cashed out, but it may be brought to an exchanger to be enchased at a discounted rate in the same manner as traveler’s checks. 

Have more options

You want flexibility. You also want to be able to access funds from various sources, such as your bank accounts or credit/debit cards. You want the convenience of being online.

You want reliability with a money services company that is credible and is linked o the SWIFT network.

Send money for free

You want it for free. Yes, you can transfer money without fees by using one of the best money services apps. The option that you will choose is for peer-to-peer transactions. To get to avail of this service, both the sender and the recipient must have the money services app. This payment system makes it possible also to send the remittance instantly.